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New Exteriors, New Doors, New Windows

Sometimes you just need to finally do that project you've been putting off.  Your home is in need of exterior repairs.  

It may take some financial planning to pull it off, but exterior renovations will pay dividends in increased home value. It may also lower your utility bills, especially when you are replacing old, single pane windows with new energy efficient ones.

  • New products offer better protection from the elements, be it the sun, rain, ice, or snow.  Products are now engineered to handle the challenges that traditional materials have had problems.
  • Paint coatings have been improved and are made to last much longer.  Vinyl windows have UV protection that will withstand the sun.  

  • Exterior doors and trim are better suited now for the continual bombardment of water than ever before. (order doors with non-wicking jambs if you have water issues).  

No two homes are alike so we can review your current situation and recommend a plan of action for your home that properly addresses your needs.  Call or contact us for a free evaluation.

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