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Built-in Cabinetry

Have your home suit your needs with built-in cabinetry.  Add storage and elegance with custom fitted cabinets and bookcases.  Maybe your kitchen needs a pantry...

Sometimes it just begins with a sketch.  We needed to add storage space to an older home (small closets) and add charm to an otherwise plain jane room.  First we measured the area for our plan.

Then we decided what elements we wanted:  

  • In this case, room for a flat screen TV,

  • A cabinet with drawers (drawer stack),

  • And basic storage cabinets.  

  • Bookcases are needed on each side of the tv.

In this project, we used fabricated cabinets and then built the top and bookshelves.

Assembing and Installing Cabinet Base Units:

Sunroom Cabinet Project

Cabinets are leveled and first layer of plywood for top installed.  The finished top with be plywood, stained and finished in high gloss.

Sun Room Cabinet Project

This shows cabinetry in place without the trim pieces installed.

Sunroom Cabinets Project

Stay tuned for the finished project, but here's a glimpse:

Sunroom Cabinetry Glimpse

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